Back to Lincoln City

I moved back to Lincoln City in October 2015. Towards the end of 2016 I created a new studio and am excited to include new equipemnt which includes, Nord, Roland and Korg synths to add to my exisitng Kurzweil, Novation and Moog keyboards. Computer systems updated plus Akai MPC (Music Production Controller), drum machine and KP3 effects.


New move, new projects

Still based in Ashland, Oregon, I finally bought a house on Scenic Drive.
I’m working on a soundtrack for a video pilot for which I am Executive Producer. The video work has been completed and editing begins this week in New York.
When completed I shall post a link to the video.

Sonic Expansion

The latest edition to our sonic arsenal has arrived. (click image to enlarge)Sub37_crop
This is the Moog Sub 37, the latest incarnation of the classic Minimoog synthesizer. A true analog machine, much refined, though still exhibiting the famed timeless raw sound of the early synths from the 60s.

I envision adding a new dimension to the, in my humble opinion, often rather overly sweet sound of average meditative music. I’m sure this will appeal to a wide audience. Time to get creative.


Ashland move

Cool New Home / Production Studio

I’ve moved again… this time back to Ashland.

Address: 664 Normal Avenue, Ashland, OR 97520

Working on video / audio productions with Noa Braga, who is a very talented multi instrumentalist graduate of the famous Berkley College in New York.

New Office

1st January 2014 – I have rented a new office space in Ashland and am very happy to be sharing premises with The Everything Company, an inspired group of professionals who specialize in media – web design, video production and editing. Right up my street as we say in good old Blighty.

The address of the new office is:

Unit No. 8
258 A Street
Oregon, 97520

July 2013 update

Mucho business these past few weeks… I just finished the work as stage manager for the Siletz Bay Music Festival …a real honour to be selected for this role, meeting loads of talented and lovely classical musicians. I took a ton of photos and plan to put some up on this site. Some are already on the SBMF site. Most of the performances were videod by my friends Rudy Salci and Barry Heidt… We begin the editing process in a few days.

Our reggae band Undrtow is becoming more in demand with regular performances in Newport, OR and Lincoln City. This week we open for Jaskamon at the Cultural Center in Lincoln City. We will also be on the main stage at this year’s Burnt Woods Stock Festival on Sunday the 28th July at 12:00 mid-day. If you can make it to the festival, then be sure to say hello. A complete listing of Undrtow gigs can be found here.

Inelia’s manifestion video

Just published this evening, Inelia Benz new manifestation video (below).

Inelia asked me if I’d like to create some music for the video. She suggested something either “Rock or Hip Hop”, so I wrote and recorded a Rock tune at a Hip Hop tempo (81 bpm).
I tuned the music to A=432 Hz which is in beautiful harmony with our planet, understood to be a healing frequency rather than using the common tuning of A=440 Hz that is found in 90% of contemporary music.
If you enjoy the music you can buy it from Inelia’s site by clicking the “buy now” button below the video, where 50% of the proceeds will go to her hard working staff at Ascension 101.